Carved Fish 2b2  1000 x 945

custom designed surface treatments for Onami™ textured glass

Horiageru, means “to emboss” in Japanese. It is another cold sculpted glass process in development by Duncan Glass that allows us to include images and designs in our custom Onami cold sculpted glass table tops, counters and architectural glass panels.

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Sselective onami 950 x 670 1g
surface sculpted designs 929fa0 1a

Sculpting or texturing portions of the surface of the glass to create unique designs. By combining the sculpted/textured area with parts that remain clear creates a visual glass treatment with almost unlimited design and pictorial possibilities.

for more information on a selective designed decorative designs, for table tops, counters and other glass applications contact:

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hand crafted
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The brilliance of ice .... with a surface like quarried stone

Duncan Glass textured glass
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carved in relief

Duncan Glass textured glass
Duncan Glass textured glass
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