From custom glass counters to custom glass table tops to architectural glass panels for home and office to high end yachts its Onami’s unique interaction with light that creates the visual beauty of Onami™ surface sculpted glass.

the-versitility-of-Onami-glass-ches-counter-picture-1b 260 x 230 copy

the-versitility-of-Onami-glass-stan-price-table-picture-1a 260 x 230

the-versitility-of-Onami-glass-hugle-picture-1a  260 x 230 copy

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the-versitility-of-Onami-glass-danny-m-picture-1b  260 x 230


Luminesant-edge-lit-counter-thumb 260 x 230


the-versitility-of-Onami-glass-innov-counter-picture-1b 260 x 230 copy

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innovative-bowl-onami-crystal-low-iron-glass thumb


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Onami™ glass specifications PDF for download

Onami™ glass specifications

The Versatility of Onami™ surface sculpted glass

from 1/8” art glass to 3/4” clear and low iron annealed and tempered

Onami™ surface sculpted texture glass was designed specifically for the architectural glass market. Its large organic faceted texture was designed to look beautiful displayed in large units

The style, quality and versatility, not seen in repetitive, machine-made patterned glass, is present in every piece of Onami textured glass. This makes it the perfect choice for all types of applications from 1/8” art glass to ” thick counters and table tops.

Onami™ surface sculpted textured glass can be beautifully combined with other elements but it has enough visual integrity to stand alone.

Duncan Glass textured glass

textured glass table tops, counters, door and sidelite inserts, art and architectural glass

crafted by hand 119-130-132 2a gray

hand crafted
textured glass


eco-friendly logo 2dthe eco-friendly texturing process



onami textured glass
uncan Glass
onami glass logo type 929fa0 1b

The brilliance of ice ....
with a surface like quarried stone

Duncan Glass textured glass
Duncan Glass

carved in relief

Duncan Glass textured glass
Duncan Glass textured glass
BBB Duncan Glass textured glass