NSD Small Files (5 of 5)-2c4 351 x 400
lady-laura-counter-horse-shoe- 1a 352 x 512

North Sound Dermatology

Motor Yacht Lady Laura

Art Glass recent picture 133 x 222

1/8” Art Glass

custom-project-illuminated-table 341 x 300 1a

AISU™ illuminated table

carved-embossed fish 2b  400 x 352

embossed or carved

New-duncan-texture 10a 400 x 352

developing - new art glass texture
requested by Koichi Nishimura
Nishimura LTD./Merry Go Round Glass,
Hyogo, Japan

RIKU™ texture

selective-textured-glass-designs-duncan-glass 780 x 352 1b

selective textured panels

this Onami™ cold sculpted glass door panel was designed by Stan Price Design

custom projects

38 x 83 panel 1a

1/2” tempered Onami Mist™ panel

Duncan-Glass-logo-1a-lineal copy 63-72-80
crafted by hand 119-130-132 2a gray

hand crafted

BBB - gray 1b copy
eco-friendly logo 2d1
email-icon 1c1


US flag 30 x 43 white

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