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Each crate is custom made to fit the glass to be shipped. This crate was for the 54” Onami Crystal™ low iron glass counter that was to be shipped to Ann Arbor, MI.

The crate is made so the front can be removed easily by removing all the screws. All screws that need to be removed are circled. Removing the front from the crate is designed so that no hammers or breaker bars should be necessary which reduces the possibility of damaging the glass during disassembly of the crate.


All shipments include pictures of the condition crate at the time of shipping and un-crating instructions.

for more information on how we crate our glass contact:
Jim Duncan - Duncan Glass

There are 2 categories for shipping what the NMFC
(Nation Motor Freight Classification) calls “flat glass in a crate”

1. Crates greater than 96” in length
2. Crates less than 96” in length.

Shipping costs are calculated based on lbs/cu ft.

Greatest dimension exceeding 96 inches, having a density in pounds per cubic foot of
NMFC item 86703

Less than 8 cu ft
Class-300 - most expensive price class

8 but less than 12 cu ft
Class-125 - mid range price class

12 or greater cu ft
Class-85 - least expensive price glass

Greatest dimension less than 96 inches, having a density in pounds per cubic foot of
NMFC item 86700

Less than 8 lbs
Class-250 - most expensive price class

8 but less than 12 lbs - mid range price class

12 lbs or greater
Class-77.5  - least expensive price class

During a shipment, depending on the freight company used, a crate can be loaded and un-loaded anywhere from 3 or 4 times to as much 6 to 7 times before it reaches it's destination.

Even though events happen that are out of our control, our goal in crating and shipping Duncan art glass, architectural glass, custom glass counters and even very large table tops like the 142” Onami Crystal™ low iron top for the M.Y. Lady Laura is to get the glass to the customer the first time and in one piece.

or more information on shipping costs contact
Jim Duncan - Duncan Glass


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crating this 54” x 3/4” Onami Crystal™ low iron glass counter

By adding the extra weight as cement blocks it accomplishes three goals.

ipc crate picture 1c

To increase the weight we add boxed 8 x 8 x 8” cement blocks. The weight is added to both sides of the skid/crate unit to keep it as stable as possible..

ipc crate picture 1d

Since freight costs are calculated on lbs/cu ft. To figure the cu ft  multiply the weight x height x the width and divide by 1728.

total weight of this shipment = 184 lbs.
length - 60” x width - 32” x height- 49” = 94080 cu/inches divided by 1728 = 54.4 cu/ft

184 lbs. / 54.4 cu/ft = 3.4 lbs/cu ft. This would put this shipment into class 250 - under 8lbs./cu ft., the most expensive freight class for “flat glass in a crate”

To get the shipment into a less expensive freight class, in this case class 110 which is 8 lbs. to 12 lbs./cu ft, weight needed to be added to the crate.

The weight needed to be increased to a minimum of 445lbs to meet the weight/cu. ft. requirement for class 110 - 8 to 12 lbs./cu ft.

calculating the weight needed to get the best reasonable freight
cost for shipping “flat glass in a crate”

The completed crate length was 60”, the width was 32” and the height was 49”. with a total finished weight of 184 lbs.

We recently finished this sign for IPC in Midland,TX. The overall size of the sign was 40” x 55” x 1/4” thick. and the weight of the glass was 54 lbs.

IPC sign 750 x 560 1a

Below is an example of how we crate to meet the density requirements of the NMFC to reduce the shipping costs by increasing the shipping weight

ipc crate picture 1a

how shipping costs are calculated for the NMFC classification “flat glass in a crate”


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example:  freight class cost comparison between class
250 to 110 when shipping “flat glass in a crate”

The shipment of the  Onami™ textured and etched glass sign to IPC of Midland TX. weighed 184 lbs..
With the cu.ft. to weight ratio, as explained above, at less that 8 lbs./cu.ft. the freight class would have been  class 250 with an estimated shipping cost of $407.12.

However by increasing the weight to 445 lbs. the shipment now qualified for class 110 (8 lbs. to 12 lbs. cu. ft.) reducing the estimated shipping cost from $407.12 to $199.00. A saving to the customer of $208.12.

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