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Duncan Glass was started while Jim Duncan was recovering from a near death accident that occurred while production supervisor at Spectrum Glass. At the suggestion of Jerry Rhodes, the architect of Spectrum Glass Jim was asked to investigate the 150 year old glass texturing process called “glue chipping”. After looking into this glass texturing process it became evident that it was open to serious manipulation.

Over a twenty year period we’ve developed the techniques currently being used exclusively by Duncan Glass to manufacture our unique surface sculpted textures.

Tsunami™  Seafoam™  Ocean™  Onami™

And we continue to expand and explore the boundaries of the surface sculpting glass texturing process. For thick table tops and counters we’ve experimented with incorporating embossed images and designs that are reminiscent ancient hieroglyphs carved in stone

as well as more contemporary designs.

The process

Duncan's textures are hand made by "sculpting" the glass surface. During sculpting glass shards  are removed from one surface. The result is afaceted texture that responds to the changing nature of light.

In some light conditions Duncan’s surface sculpted glass can resemble hand quarried transparent stone. But as the ambient light changes Duncan’s surface sculpted glass will be visually altered to pristine ice or rough cut crystal.

Duncan surface sculpted art glass, architectural glass, custom counters andcustom table tops.


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Jim Duncan Glass
Jim Duncan Glass

sculpted glass counters, table tops,
architectural and art glass

Jim Duncan Glass - Hand Crafted

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Jim Duncan Glass - Eco-Friendly textured glass
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